United Business Class – What United Business Class Offers

United has been making changes to its business class in order to improve the experience for passengers. These changes have been led by rebranding the cabin as Polaris and introducing new products to its long-haul fleet of Boeing 777s.

United’s Polaris business class cabin is designed in a clever way to pack in plenty of seats without losing privacy or direct-aisle access. It’s a great-looking cabin with some very smart finishes.


Business class seats are one of the most important parts of a flight experience, and United has some pretty good ones. The carrier’s Polaris business class seats are available on long-haul international routes and have a plethora of perks, including direct aisle access and bespoke amenities.

The Polaris business class cabins are primarily found on United’s Boeing 767-300 and 777-200 aircraft. The airline’s new cabin design aims to pack in plenty of seating without sacrificing privacy or direct-aisle access, while still offering excellent service and the latest comfort and tech features.

Its staggered 1-2-1 layout allows for a lot of legroom and roomy seats, with double seatback pockets on each seat to store personal items. The center console also features a tablet/laptop tray that can hold more than 200 devices and a flip-up mobile device holder with universal AC power.

Where to Find Them: They’re available on all of United’s narrow-body Premium transcontinental flights, as well as some long-haul international ones. They’re most common on the 777-300ER, but there are also several flights that operate with 787-9 Dreamliners.

This particular seat is the only one that reliably offers direct aisle access on long-haul 777-300ER and 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. It’s also available on many of the airline’s shorter 757-300ER and 737-800ER aircraft, but it isn’t as comfortable.


Business class passengers on United have access to a variety of amenities that make their journey a more comfortable experience. This includes lie-flat seats, amenity kits, and delicious in-flight meals.

Aside from the perks that come with a premium ticket, you can also enjoy free checked luggage, priority check-in, and boarding, as well as lounge access at many airports. This will help you relax before your flight and ensure that you have a smooth arrival at your destination.

Depending on the route, passengers can choose from different types of food and beverages. Generally, the meals are gourmet and are prepared by select chefs.

The airline also offers an in-flight magazine that focuses on various topics such as travel, culture, and lifestyle. You can also use the United Wi-Fi service to stay connected with friends and family.

For long-haul flights, United’s Polaris Cabin offers the same luxury experience as first class. With its exclusive perks, you can enjoy everything from comfortable Saks Fifth Avenue bedding to bespoke amenities and more.

One of the most exciting things about United’s new business class product is that it’s available on most widebody aircraft, including its 777-300ER and 787-9 Dreamliner jets. These aircraft have a staggered 1-2-1 seating configuration that gives couples the opportunity to sit together and solo fly plenty of space.


United business class passengers have a variety of dining options on board. This includes both pre-ordered meals and in-flight snacks. These menus can be personalized with different choices to suit your preferences.

When it comes to food, United has an in-house chef team that creates specialized menus for both their lounges and flight routes worldwide. The team works closely with corporate chefs to evaluate emerging food trends and ensure that every meal is a memorable experience for customers.

The airline also has a very talented in-house master sommelier that helps create a well-balanced beverage selection for all passengers. He has an innate knowledge of wine and knows how to pair it with dishes for a perfect match.

In addition to a great selection of food options, united also offers a number of in-flight entertainment options. This includes an in-flight magazine, Hemispheres, that covers sports, culture, and style as well as a variety of music and movies.

Another in-flight option is a free in-flight Wi-Fi service that allows you to use your smartphone to access the internet on a plane. You can even download messaging apps to communicate with friends and family while you’re in the air.

But the best part about the Wi-Fi is that you can also stream your favorite shows and movies directly to your device from the airline’s library. This is especially helpful for those who don’t want to have to pay for an onboard entertainment system.


Lounges are a great way to relax before your flight. They offer a variety of amenities, like hot drinks, food, and free high-speed Wi-Fi. The best lounges are large and open, with plenty of comfortable seating to choose from.

United’s Polaris lounges are designed to be large and open, allowing passengers to spread out and relax. Each location features a number of different seating options, from dining areas for individuals to private pods and bar seats.

Many of the larger lounges also feature luxurious shower suites, so you can freshen up before your next flight. These are available at the lounge’s entrance, and each one is fitted with Sunday Riley products to make you feel relaxed.

While most lounges require a same-day boarding pass to enter, there are a few exceptions. These include international first-class flights on partner airlines and passengers who fly economy or business on a Star Alliance airline, including United.

For example, if you’re flying economy on United from Houston to San Francisco and business class on EVA Air from SFO to Taipei, you’ll be eligible for lounge access at SFO on both those flights. However, if you’re flying economy on American from Houston to Washington Dulles and business class on Delta from DCA to Chicago, you won’t be eligible for lounge access at either airport.

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